Material of the Month: Carpet


Carpet has been a staple product in the United States since the first mill opened in 1791 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has changed and evolved with each century, and has become a necessity in homes and businesses to not only add warmth, texture and personality to a space, but can also help demonstrate a strong…

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Material of the Month: Ceiling Coverings

Wood + Tile

When you are sitting in your home reading this blog (maybe you are in your kitchen, bedroom or basement), stop for a second and look up at your ceiling. What do you see? Most likely, it looks like other residential ceilings you have seen (if you’ve ever looked up when you were in another home).…

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Emerging Professional Series: What are employers looking for?

Resume Graphic

Photo by bongkarn thanyakij from Pexels We’ve all been there. In search of the “perfect” internship or job, and getting a bit cross-eyed after looking over our cover letter, resume, and portfolio ONE more time before we upload and hit ‘SAVE’. But what happens to our submission materials after we upload? How do employers review…

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Meet our Blick Chick


At ID8 we love to hire staff who are eager to learn, determined, and creative. Our design assistant Kelly Blick, fits these standards to a “t”. Kelly took a simple challenge to make macarons and started a hobby out of it! Read her full story below! “Back when I was a year away from entering…

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