How to Prioritize your Kitchen Budget

Several members of the ID8 team have recently started the process of major kitchen renovation projects. As team who helps people redesign their own kitchens or build new, we recognize that BUDGET is a word that is seldom discussed, but always eating at the back of everyone’s mind. (Ugh, why do things have to cost…

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ID8 Office Playlist


For the ID8 Team, good music is an absolute must for a productive day of architecture and design. We’re not alone, studies support the idea that listening to music increases productivity at work. When walking into our office, you’ll hear a variety of tunes mostly depending on our mood and the team member in charge…

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Springtime Home Maintenance


It’s that time of year when the sun begins to shine, the temperature slowly increases, and we’re all anxious to get outside and … definitely NOT tackle home repairs! Given the option, few of us would volunteer to spend a Saturday on a ladder pulling leaves out of a gutter, but standard home maintenance is…

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Remote office – Collaboration tools

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 8.12.06 AM

We’ve been practicing what it meant to be an office with a lot of virtual collaboration for quite a while…essentially a full year, now. As such – we thought it might be helpful to share some of the digital platforms that help us keep communication flowing even if there’s 1500 miles between staff members, in…

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Emerging Professionals Series: Interview Tips


Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels Our talented people are the heartbeat behind our work, and also the reason we don’t take interviewing lightly. The interview is one of the most important parts of the hiring process at ID8 Architecture. Before adding new members to our team we like to understand your strengths, learn about your…

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Happy Birthday to us! We’re turning two!


Grab a glass for a toast, because ID8 Architecture is turning two! Two years is so much to celebrate and we couldn’t have done it without you, our clients, friends, and partners. What better way to celebrate than by boasting our accomplishments and taking a look back on some of our most memorable moments these…

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Home Office Design


Somehow it didn’t dawn on me until this weekend to share some “best practices” in home office design. Duh, right? Here’s the deal, friends: When I set up ID8 Architecture two years ago, I created it with the thought that architecture can happen from anywhere, and that remote teams and flexible schedules are how we…

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The Design Process: Overview


Okay, friends, is it okay if I put my ‘professor’ hat on for a bit? As we sneak up on two years in business coming up here on May 5th, I’ve realized that it takes all my fingers and more than all of my toes to count how many times in the last two years…

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Emerging Professional Series: Portfolio Tips & Tricks


Getting a job or internship at ID8 Architecture (or any firm for that matter!) doesn’t only depend on your skills as an architect or interior designer. The way you present those skills also plays an essential role. This is why your portfolio is so important! We value education, which led us to gather our team…

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Choosing Healthy Materials


Image source I originally planned to write about healthy materials for the month of April because of Earth Day, which falls on April 22, but recent events shined a whole new light on this topic. With shelter-in-place orders, we are all spending more time indoors and in our homes. Many people are cleaning, organizing…

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