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Our talented people are the heartbeat behind our work. We're a team of big ideas, big ambition, and even bigger dreams, and we don't apologize for that. In fact, we celebrate it pretty regularly.

We Value

At ID8 we subscribe to a set of beliefs that help guide how we work, design and problem solve together. If these values resonate with you, there just might be a role with your name on it!


We believe that at the core of who we are as designers, our calling in the world is to help clients and communities in the development of IDEAS. We love to paint the picture of what the future could be.


We don’t believe in stopping at just the idea phase. We do our best to help actually make those ideas come to life - we strive to create that incredible future that we imagine.


We believe in trying new things, being open to new approaches, challenging the status quo, and embedding innovation into our process and mode of thinking.


Everything we do is in collaboration with someone, whether a client, a potential audience, a community, a group that we’re trying to serve, or other professionals that we team up with. We believe that ideas are best refined by working alongside others as a team, listening to feedback, and working together to constantly refine and improve what we’re doing.


Our goal is to help empower our clients and communities we work in to be informed and empowered consumers of great design. We are committed to design education not only in the schools and higher education spaces, but also in our communities.


We are fierce advocates for great design, creative thinking, strategic planning, women and minorities in the AEC industries, SMART growth, and a whole bunch of other initiatives. We are not bystanders or casual observers in our communities. Instead, we are actively working to bring others along, engage in the public process, and bring our ideas and voices to the table.


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    If you think you're a good fit for our team, submit your resume and portfolio on the right.

    Applications are open until filled unless a specific deadline is stated in full description.

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    Meet Us

    After we review your work and realize how awesome you are, it's time for an interview. Our initial conversations are focused on your strengths and experience.

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    Once you join ID8 Architecture, we kick off on-boarding to help you hit the ground running from day one. You'll get an office mentor and have a weekly one-on-one with a principal.

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Focused on ‘we’ vs. ‘me’. Our team cares about the outputs that WE create together, on OUR success as a team, and about creating a great experience for OUR clients. There’s lots of space and room for personal growth and fulfilment of individual goals, but we move the needle TOGETHER and hold each other accountable for contributing to the common good.

We take our work seriously, but don’t take OURSELVES too seriously.  We care deeply about producing great work and an outstanding client experience, but we know how to balance that with fun and a sense of humor.

We view critique as feedback and failures/mistakes as opportunities to learn: We know we’re all human, but we hold each other accountable out of genuine care and concern for our long-term growth and well-being. We are not possessive or precious about individual ideas and care deeply about working through productive debate to find the best way forward.
We’re really optimistic realists or semi-realistic optimists! 😉 (Pessimists need not apply.) In general, we LOVE to believe in the possibilities and opportunities in each project and client experience.
We possess and value lots of seemingly random “relevant life and work experience” in a wide variety of dirty and unglamourous prior jobs. For example, we know that great servers learn how to handle customer experience and complaints with poise and grace, or that farming and construction are often great predictors of problem-solving and grit to power through dirty and difficult tasks. Proofreading and technical writers have an eye for detail that our team appreciates, and being a camp counselor for middle schoolers usually means you’ve got some level of patience and a sense of humor about yourself. We care about one another’s stories and leverage all kind of random previous experiences! 😊
We’re about building a longer-term legacy, which takes perseverance, tenacity, and a willingness to delay gratification. As a result, we’ve come to value celebrating small wins together to keep things fun!
We connect over food & hot beverages. We love to celebrate Crocktober and Foodie Fridays, we share recipes and meals, and invite students in to talk about their studio projects over lunch because we know that making people feel comfortable in our office feels a lot like inviting them into our kitchens. The sprit of hospitality lives here!

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At ID8, we know top-notch people are our greatest resource. So we’re always looking for hard working, driven, and qualified applicants no matter what positions are open.

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Project Managers are responsible for leading and managing projects, clients, and team members in the delivery of a successful project. They coordinate staff resources in collaboration with the Principal Architect, regularly check in with staff on progress, manage project budgets and schedules, conduct project updates in staff meetings, and communicate with other design consultants.

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