Material of the Month: Ceiling Coverings

When you are sitting in your home reading this blog (maybe you are in your kitchen, bedroom or basement), stop for a second and look up at your ceiling. What do you see? Most likely, it looks like other residential ceilings you have seen (if you’ve ever looked up when you were in another home). It’s probably a shade of white, maybe it’s smooth or has a texture, but it pretty much blends into the room and is underwhelming. But what if it didn’t have to be? We all know every home has ceilings, so we don’t get rained or snowed on, but most homeowners do not consider that ceilings can be another design feature in the room. Yes, they can be just as fun and interesting as your walls and floors!

Ceiling Paint

There are many options to look at, so pick those that fit your style and budget. To start, we’ll go simple in that you can paint the ceiling a different color other than a shade of white. It can be yellow, blue, black or whatever color suits your room best. It can match the walls with a decorative cove trim to define the different planes or could be an accent color that is found in the wallpaper on your walls. The sky’s the limit for which color you select-just make sure that if you paint, you prep the surface properly!


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While paint may be the simplest and least expensive choice if you’re just beginning to venture into ceiling design, there are other options if you are ready to make a slightly bolder move. Two of those options are wood and tile.

With wood, you can incorporate faux beams into your room that can be stained or painted (even white) to create depth and visual interest. These can look stately in a living room or even a bedroom. There is also tongue and groove, which creates a more linear visual pattern on the ceiling. Tongue and groove can be stained or painted as well. It creates a warm, cozier feeling in the space, which is great for basements and higher ceilings in living rooms.

There is a good assortment of tiles that you can select from as well. Faux tin panels (which are actually plastic, unless you want to purchase real tin tiles) are a special ceiling choice, especially in the kitchen or dining room. They come in a wide range of designs and colors, from shiny silver and antiqued bronze to white or copper patina. There are also Styrofoam tiles that have the similar design imprints like the faux tin panels but can be glued directly on to your existing ceiling. They add beautiful texture and design on the ceiling that can be a subtle (or bold!) addition to the room.

Wood + Tile
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After reading these first few options, you may be thinking about your ceiling and starting to get some ideas of what could work in your favorite room, but you may want to go bolder and really make a statement, wallpaper and fabric are two more options that will truly elevate your design. Wallpaper has evolved since the 1980s and now comes as peel-and-stick, making it so much easier to apply and remove. Plus, there are endless options for patterns and colors, so if you want subtle geometric lines or big, bold florals, there’s a product that will fit your room and style. Applying wallpaper to the ceiling in your mudroom or home office can add visual interest and excitement to these rooms that are sometimes overlooked. Adding in painted cabinets that pick up a color in the wallpaper will help pull the room together while creating both function and visual interest in the space. Finally, if you want a look-at-me ceiling, adding fabric will create this desired effect! From applying a flat piece of material to create a canopy to gathering it into the center of the room and hanging a chandelier from it, it can be a fun print or a luxurious silk that will make a bedroom or even a living room feel like you are escaping to a private oasis. When it comes to ceiling design options, the sky truly is the limit! Enjoy finding the right options for your favorite rooms and be ready for your friends and family to redirect their attention when they come to visit!

Wallpaper Ceiling
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