ID8 Office Playlist

For the ID8 Team, good music is an absolute must for a productive day of architecture and design. We’re not alone, studies support the idea that listening to music increases productivity at work. When walking into our office, you’ll hear a variety of tunes mostly depending on our mood and the team member in charge of Alexa for the day. ????  Here’s a few music recommendations from the team that help us hit our stride!

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Angie's Music

Angie listens to a variety of music and bases her selection on what she needs to accomplish for the day. When she needs to focus and crank out some tough work, classical music puts her in the zone and she listens to cello and violin stations on Spotify. Yo-Yo Ma makes her list! She's also a fan of the mid afternoon music pick-me-up, where you'll hear her play the All Out 80's playlist on Spotify, which includes Diana Ross, Toto, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, Cindy Lauper and more! She's also been known to belt out a show tune from time to time. Last Friday, Disney's, "Frozen" sound track may have even made it's way to our office because of Angie.

Rachelle's Hits

Rachelle is an 80's pop and rock lover, so when she's running the radio, our office is filled with Eddie Money, Pat Benetar, and Whitney Houston. Rachelle says, "Sprinkle in some 90's and you have yourself some great motivation and universally recognized classics!" One particular boy band also has Rachelle's heart, the Backstreet Boys. Backstreet's back alright (insert Nick Carter vocals).

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Taylor's Tunes

My work sound track changes from day to day and project to project. I’m all over the map with my taste in music. When I’m in need of a little more focus I like to listen to classics  –  The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, CCR, etc. If I need a motivation boost, female power jams are my go to, ranging from Katy Perry and Kesha, all the way back to Pat Bentar and Madonna. If I’m really lacking inspiration I play, “Man I Feel Like a Woman”, by Shania Twain. That always does the trick! There are also days where 90’s country just has to happen.

Kelly's Jams

Now don’t judge, but Kelly is currently on a streak of listening to any of the Pitch Perfect soundtracks while working. Acca-Awesome! She thinks this stems from her desire to be in a singing and dancing girl group. She also states “Nothing beats old school 90’s and 00’s either.” Her most current song obsession is Physco, by Ava Max.

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Jamie’s taste in music while working is a softer dynamic than the rest of the team. She enjoys instrumental music while diving into window and door details. Over the years she has found it allows her to concentrate on her tasks with little distractions. Her most listened to station’s on Pandora are Flamenco and Spanish Guitar. She also recently discovered which features amazing background noise, her favorites on this platform are the restaurant and cafe stations.

If you need an excuse to listen to music at work, now you have one! Tell your boss the ID8 crew granted permission to turn on the tunes. Happy listening!