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ID8Arc - the shorthand combination of Interior Design and Architecture.

Plus - ID8 (I-de-ate) is all about ideas and process - which is exactly what design and architecture are about in our world.

Most of the work we do is a combination of custom residential, multi-family housing, hospitality (bars, restaurants, and hotels), Assisted Living, and business/corporate. There are plenty of times where we've done schools, manufacturing facilities, and other miscellaneous projects, as well, but that's the bulk of our work.

Hiring a professional to help with the design of your project, (whether home renovation, or multi-million-dollar hotel) helps building owners/clients optimize their project dollars to create the greatest impact with their resources. Better planning leads to better results! 🙂

ID8 is committed to ensuring a smooth and quality construction process for your project. During construction, we perform both office and field administration to review the progress and quality of work being performed. As the project progresses, we also schedule construction meetings (as needed) with contractors, subcontractors, and owner to review questions, modifications, schedules and coordination issues.

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Communication, decision making, and being willing to express what you do and do not like with each meeting. As you are dreaming, if you find a stone you want on your fireplace – great! Email us the image and let us know. If you have extra questions or concerns, ask, we are here to ease the process. Also, not to be repetitive, but decision making. Trust us, timely decision making becomes critical in us being able to keep your schedule.

ID8 is a team of collaboration, allowing people of different creative expertise to aid in the execution of your project. However, we generally assign one or two members of the team to be your project leader(s). Those individuals will be introduced at your kick-off meeting.

When contacting us, please copy (cc) both project leaders. This allows us to answer questions and concerns and ensure that everyone is given the same information. We’re also fans of “reply all” for the same reason! It helps us ensure that the first person who is available get to responds to your questions so your get information as quickly as possible.

The design process varies project to project, depending upon the scope of design. We plan meetings around critical points of design to provide you with progress updates and feedback on design and selections. This will typically happen every week or every other week depending upon how tight your timeline is and the amount of preparation we need prior to your next meeting.

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