The Design Process: Overview


Okay, friends, is it okay if I put my ‘professor’ hat on for a bit? As we sneak up on two years in business coming up here on May 5th, I’ve realized that it takes all my fingers and more than all of my toes to count how many times in the last two years…

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Emerging Professional Series: Portfolio Tips & Tricks


Getting a job or internship at ID8 Architecture (or any firm for that matter!) doesn’t only depend on your skills as an architect or interior designer. The way you present those skills also plays an essential role. This is why your portfolio is so important! We value education, which led us to gather our team…

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Choosing Healthy Materials


Image source I originally planned to write about healthy materials for the month of April because of Earth Day, which falls on April 22, but recent events shined a whole new light on this topic. With shelter-in-place orders, we are all spending more time indoors and in our homes. Many people are cleaning, organizing…

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Material of the Month: Carpet


Carpet has been a staple product in the United States since the first mill opened in 1791 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has changed and evolved with each century, and has become a necessity in homes and businesses to not only add warmth, texture and personality to a space, but can also help demonstrate a strong…

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