A Designer Christmas List: Our ID8 recommended gifts

Designers are our own breed. We’re all about quality, good design, and functionality which sometimes makes us a tricky bunch to buy presents for. Do you have a designer on your Christmas list this year? We’ve made a list of sure-to-please, designer approved gift ideas, most of these items are on own Christmas lists this year! Check it out!



We’re super picky when it comes to picking the right writing utensils. If you take a peek at each of our desks you’ll notice a holder filled with multiple types and colors of pens, pencils, and markers. Each serves it’s own purpose too! Here’s a few of our favorites.


This truly is the perfect pencil! Not only does it look pretty, but it is easy to grip and writes like a dream! Every pencil needs the perfect eraser to go with it. The Mono Dust Catch Eraser is dust catching so you don’t make a mess.


Paper Mate Flair Pens

These are by far our favorite felt tip pens. They write smooth and best of all don’t bleed through paper (Yay!). The assorted color pack is a must! We’re nerdy and are all about color coating and making our redlines look good.



If your designer likes gel more than felt, the Tru Red Pen is another great option and ID8 approved. These pens dry super quick so they don’t smear and have a rubberized barrel so they are comfy to write with during extensive note taking. Once again, get the assorted color pack!

Pilot Hi-Tec Gel Pen

Another ID8 favorite pen is the Pilot Hi-Tec Gel Pen. It has a precise needle point that provides minimal drag and effortless ink flow. Angie prefers the .4 or .5 mm in black and red.


For hand rendering these markers are perfect. And surprise! They come in an assorted color pack! They are even refillable which allows you to blend ink and create even more colors.


2. Notebooks & Sketchbooks

The perfect notebook is just as important to a designer as the perfect pen. Our brains are constantly in motion, so we need a reliable place to jot down notes and sketch out our genius ideas. Take a look at our favorites!


We don’t get far without one of these in hand. The Moleskine Sketchbook has thick paper that works great for sketching because pens won’t bleed through. Also, the hardcover makes it durable! Since we carry ours literally EVERYWHERE, we prefer the 4.5 x 7 size so it fits nicely into a purse or bag, however they have multiple sizes.

Archer & Olive Dot Grid Notebook

The Archer & Olive Dot Grid Notebook is another favorite. There’s a variety of cover options so you can choose one that personally fits your style, and it has ultra-thick pages and STILL lays perfectly flat when opened. Jamie says the paper is high quality enough to paint watercolor on!


3. Planner

As designers, we’re constantly meeting with clients and coordinating our days which makes a functional planner an important tool.

Paper Felt Week View Planner

Our planner of choice and one that everyone in our office is using is the Paper Felt Week View Planner. We don’t always run on a normal calendar schedule and this planner is 12-month and comes non-dated so you can start anytime. It also features a notes section and a place to track monthly goals, wins, and things you're grateful for.

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4. Audible Subscription

Brighten your designers day with an Audible subscription. At ID8 we are constantly learning and pursuing growth, one way we do that is through reading and professional development books. If you want actual book recommendations check out this blog for a list of our favorites.


5. MUGS & TUmblers & Waterbottles

We run on coffee, tea, hot chocolate, cider, basically anything that makes us feel warm, cozy, and caffeinated. We get pulled multiple directions in a day so it's not unusual for our 8 a.m. cup of coffee to get placed somewhere until 1 p.m. when we have a chance to finish it. With that in mind, we like high quality mugs and tumblers that keep our hot drinks hot and cold drinks cool. If it's well designed that is definitely an added bonus! We're suckers for unique patterns and colors too. A few of our favorites are Yeti, Corkcicle, Soma and Swell.



We might not all have green thumbs, but we try! Here's a few gift ideas for the designer who loves plants.


Even our watering cans need to have style! (We get it, we're nerds) On Angie's Christmas list this year is a black watering can. Check out this cute one at H&M.


Simple in design, yet advanced in functionality is something we appreciate. Like I mentioned before, we like the self watering planters because it puts less pressure on us to have to water them everyday!


We're fans of local goods. From local honey, jelly, and tasty treats, to locally designed products like jewelry, blankets, art, and more, we like to support our local makers and give back to the creative community. A gift from a local small business will always put a smile on our face.

8. Anything Paper

We love everything about paper. The touch, color, quality, even the smell. We also appreciate hand written notes and letters. Another gift idea for a designer is stationery, greeting cards, notepads and desk pads. A few of our favorite brands are Rifle Paper, Paper Source, and Sugar Paper.

Now that we've done all the hard work for you, we hope this list helped spark a few ideas for that person in your life who loves and appreciates design. If you're that person, we hope this helps you throw a few hints at family and friends. Merry Christmas and happy shopping!