Meeting Etiquette and Board Room Advice


As a young professional, sitting in on client meetings can be intimidating, but invaluable experience. You will get to hear firsthand what the client’s perspective on the project is, what their main areas of focus and concern are, and any decisions made so you can hit the ground running on the production side. Also, you…

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Sensory Experience Design


Back in kindergarten, you were most likely taught about the five senses – to see, to hear, to feel, to smell and to taste. Did you know that these senses should be strongly considered when designing a space, whether an office, hotel or home? It creates a Multisensory Experience and people experience these senses differently from person…

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Material of the Month: Textiles


If you are new to the world of upholstery, choosing the right fabric may seem like an overwhelming task. It’s a big investment and you don’t want to choose the wrong material! What do you need to know before going out to purchase a quality product? This blog post will discuss fabric durability, fabric contents,…

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