Want to get to know us better? Or have answers to all your questions about who we are and what we do? Check out below!

What’s up with your name?

ID8Arc - the shorthand combination of Interior Design and Architecture.

Plus - ID8 (I-de-ate) is all about ideas and process - which is exactly what design and architecture are about in our world.

What do you specialize in?

Most of the work we do is a combination of custom residential, multi-family housing, hospitality (bars, restaurants, and hotels), Assisted Living, and business/corporate. There are plenty of times where we've done schools, manufacturing facilities, and other miscellaneous projects, as well, but that's the bulk of our work.

Why hire an architect/designer?

Hiring a professional to help with the design of your project, (whether home renovation, or multi-million-dollar hotel) helps building owners/clients optimize their project dollars to create the greatest impact with their resources. Better planning leads to better results! 🙂