Our Approach

One of the things that sets ID8Arc apart from most other firms is that we believe that architecture and interior design are inextricably connected. All of our projects and clients reflect this philosophy that a cohesive design demands fluidly moving back and forth between exterior and interior scales and consideration of materials and details that work throughout the whole of the project.

In addition, our background in construction and work in the design/build realm gives us expertise in project costs and constructability that's not always typical in the industry.

This special combination of bringing all the disciplines together helps you get a cohesive, comprehensive design, that is buildable and makes the best use of your resources.

Meet the Team

We're a pretty nerdy little team that is growing rapidly in order to keep up with the demand for our expanding set of skills and areas of expertise. We have fun, do yoga in the loft, drink entirely too much coffee, laugh at bad dad jokes, and make diagrams of EVERYTHING.

Boersma 2018 Headshot

Angela Boersma

Principal Architect & Interior Designer

Angie's usually found running around meeting people, attending county commission meetings, teaching, redlining, or writing proposals or specifications. Angie has an affinity for design of every variety, books, podcasts, and show-tunes. The "secret stash" in her office contains a stash of her personal favorite teas, coffee beans,  chocolate, and scotch.

Rachelle Doudna

Design Assistant

Rachelle has degrees in both Interior Design and Sociology, and is a crucial part of the ID8 Team and our process. Rachelle's creativity and ability to generate lots of great ideas early in the process helps push each project to be more unique and reflective of our clients, while always keeping design and practical function at the forefront of the conversation. Bring her a great bullet coffee and you're in!

Aspen Thorstensen


Aspen is a graduate of the SDSU M.Arch program, and latest addition to the ID8 team.

Emily Becker


Emily is the ID8 Summer Intern in 2019. She's an SDSU Interior Design Student and...

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